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In pursuit of our vision for an "Equitable Society," JSPH's team actively engages in targeted development initiatives, closely aligned with project objectives and government priorities. Impacting over 2,50,000 individuals in rural and urban areas, our programs span sustainable livelihoods, gender equity, youth skill development, healthcare, hygiene, sanitation, agriculture, forestry, environmental conservation, climate change mitigation, and relief initiatives for resettling affected households and migrants. Our unwavering commitment to equitable development drives us to address the pressing needs of our communities.

With robust Natural Resource Management, ecological protection, and climate change mitigation, we've transformed 13 villages, expanding agricultural land from 4,000 to 5,000 hectares. This initiative, in collaboration with the State Watershed Mission, MORD, Government of Jharkhand, raised the average annual income of 10,000 families from Rs. 38,000 to Rs. 44,000 per family.

Through livelihood initiatives in irrigation, agriculture, and allied sectors, we've uplifted 32,000 families in marginalized communities across 168 villages. Under the JTDS/JTELP project, average family income doubled from Rs. 24,000 to Rs. 48,000 per year, supported by 729 CBOs and 580 service providers at the village level.

With NABARD's support, two Producer's Companies in Hazaribagh promote direct marketing of farmers' produce. Averaging 1517 shareholders, the aim is to elevate annual family earnings to Rs. 12 Lakh by 2023.

In Hazaribag's Churchu block, Forest Right Committees supervise Natural Resource Management, advocating for existence rights through lease compliances. Across 33 villages near Hazaribag Tiger Reserve, efforts include groundwater rejuvenation, promoting agriculture, utilizing waste for cooking instead of wood, and reviving local flora without encroaching on forest reserves.

Jharkhand Jalchhajan Yojana (JJY), led by the Rural Development Department, operates in 13 villages in Churchu & Dari blocks, Hazaribag. The initiative focuses on community capacitybuilding, creating water bodies for conservation and livelihood improvement, promoting organic composting, and conducting awareness campaigns to reduce inorganic fertilizer use. We've initiated health and hygiene campaigns in operational villages, targeting schoolchildren, PRI representatives, health workers, Jal Sahiyas, and women's groups. Emphasizing Swachh Bharat Mission, we celebrate Swachhata Diwas. Empowering women, we've assisted 862 SHG members through micro-enterprise promotion for socio-economic development. Additionally, 532 youths received skill training, enriching their job profiles. SHG members and girls underwent capacity-building on child safety, women's rights, preventing early marriages, birth spacing, and micro-enterprise and business management for holistic development. Diving into Science & Technology research, our focus spans SRI/SWI, water conservation, pisciculture, energy-efficient devices, solar power, horticulture, and organic composting. Our team's dedication has led to notable outcomes in land and water management, environmental conservation, livelihood promotion, child safety, health, hygiene, and women's empowerment.