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Celebrating 33 years of nation-building, Jan Sewa Parishad Hazaribag (JSPH) proudly shares its impactful social and developmental innovations in the 33rd Annual Report. This dedicated report, a testament to transparency, showcases successes, failures, and highlights from the year's activities, reinforcing our commitment to positive change for the destitute and marginalized.

In the past year, our dedicated efforts positively impacted marginalized groups—women, child laborers, disabled individuals, adolescent girls, poor farmers, and senior citizens from underprivileged communities, including Scheduled Castes, Tribes, and Other Backward Castes.

TIn the wake of industrialization and globalization, critical issues such as women and child trafficking, environmental imbalances, and social vulnerabilities have emerged. Amidst transformative shifts impacting society, women, children, and nature, we confront both positive and negative changes. Negative impacts extend to climate, glaciers, sea levels, temperatures, and natural disasters. Purposefully, we focus on mitigation and adaptation measures, prioritizing community and environmental safeguarding in response to these challenges.

At the heart of VibhaVani India Society (VVIS) in Jharkhand, JSPH serves as the pivotal institution. As Director of Empowerment in the National Consortium of Science-based NGOs in India, JSPH leads efforts to bring inventive scientific concepts to rural areas. Our primary Jharkhand focus is on elevating remote villages into technologically advanced, smarter communities.

JSPH is actively pursuing the realization and accessibility of government schemes for beneficiaries, with a focus on livelihood promotion, environmental conservation, and community empowerment in response to pressing global challenges like climate change, pollution, natural resource exploitation, and unemployment. Jan Sewa Parishad Hazaribag looks forward to a dynamic future in 2023-24, enhancing our commitment across diverse sectors. Our plans include advancing sustainable agriculture, addressing climate change, promoting child rights and women empowerment, and prioritizing health, hygiene, and sanitation. Emphasizing transparency and advocacy, we strive to strengthen Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), fostering collaboration with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for lasting impact. We extend deep gratitude to our donors, whose unwavering support propels our impactful journey, enabling transformative change in the communities we serve.

I anticipate numerous productive and prosperous years ahead.

Best regards,

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Ramlal Prasad
Secretary, Jan Sewa Parishad