जन सेवा परिषद
Jan Sewa Parishad


Vibha Vani is a national network of scientists and voluntary agencies for inclusive development with a scientific temperament. The network finds its root in Vijnan Bharti for the promotion of scientific awareness and development of the vulnerable communities for a resurgent India. The foundation principle of VIBHA is made As a vibrant movement for the development of Swadeshi Sciences As a dynamic Science Movement with a Swadeshi Spirit, interlinking traditional and modern sciences on the one hand and natural and spiritual sciences on the other hand ? As a Swadeshi Movement with modern sciences adapted to national needs. Vijnanabharati has units in 22 states across the country and contacts in 4 states. It is working in 11 different areas through autonomous institutions, independent organizations & also as project entities. Jan Sewa Parishad Hazaribagh joined hands with Vibha Vani in 2016 and from there, it has carried out the responsibility of carrying out the VIBHA VANI state chapter. Through various meetings and discussions in 2 years, JSP along with many other NGOs has taken the onus of implementing the projects of Vibha Vani in the state.