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Jharkhand Tribal Empowerment & Livelihood Promotion

JTDS-JTELP (Jharkhand Tribal Development Society-Jharkhand Tribal Employment & Livelihood Project), Govt. Of Jharkhand supported interventions such as well construction (45), Shallow Well (63), community hall (32), Pond (53), Repairing of water bodies (117) and livestock shed for 22000 families have been carried out for livelihood promotion in 200 villages in Saraikela Kharshawan, West Singhbhum and Dumka districts, Jharkhand. The implementation of sustainable development process, the local Community Based Organizations (CBOs) i.e., GSPEC (119), SHG (215), Youth group (85), Kisaan group (103), VDFC (207), CRP (200), Kisan Mitra (185), Pashu Mitra (103) and Pasu Sakhi (92) have been formed and are under nurture through capacity build training with season seed supports – summer crop – 165 families, Kharif Crops – 200 families, rabi crop – 119 families., exposure visits, CBOs on selected activities – 5650 families. Livelihood promotion has been integrated with livestock support as earning support to 113 families through goat rearing, 82 families through pig rearing, 17 families through duck rearing, 35 families through fish rearing and 191 families through poultry birds rearing. JTDS/JTELP intervention has enhanced the average family income Rs.24,000.00 to Rs.60,000.00 per year per family in the project villages. Irrigational support – well, ponds, trench and tanks for water conservation measures and capacity building training for agriculture has boost up agricultural practices from 9000 Hectares to 12000 Hectares in the project area 200 villages.