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Integrated Watershed Development Programme (IWDP)

Integrated Watershed Development Programme was implemented by the organization at Barachatti & Mohanpur block of Gaya district in Bihar State. This Project area is named Bagha Watershed and Sonhi Jamjor Watershed. This project was generally based on Sustainable development through Watershed Intervention. This program was based on Ridge to Valley Approach with man-days generation. The key objectives of the IWDP project were as follows:

·      Convert Barren Land into Cultivable Land.

·      Ground Water Level Recharge.

·      Increase productivity.

·      Mono cropping cultivation to double cropping.

·      Increase the income of the beneficiaries.

·      Strengthen groups and committees such as Micro Watershed Committee, SHGs, Farmer Groups, and Youth Groups.

·      Promotion of Livelihood support and capacity building.

·      Developed leadership quality.

·      Migration checked up to 70%.

·      CBOs start their own businesses.

·      Increased production, and liaison with markets.



·      204 Hectares of Barren land converted to agricultural land.

·      Irrigation ensured in 1024 Hectares.

·      Migration checks up to 70%

·      Groundwater increased up to 7-10ft.

·      Agriculture increased single to double cropping.

Yearly income enhanced avg. of 4500-12000/ family.