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Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP)

Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP), in association with Rural Development Department Phase IV & V, Govt. of India implemented the Natural Resource Management, Ecology, and Climate Change measures in Tandwa, Koderma, and Jainagar amongst 50600 populations in 101 villages. The interventions are the construction of Water Bodies (118 Nos.), Soil Conservation areas (3862.58 Hectares), Forest conservation area (84.5 hectares), conversion of Barren to Agriculture land (3862.58 Hectares), Livestock Promotion (50 Families), and Employment generation (71406 Man days). Under this project, the Watershed Structures have been created/constructed as follows:
Trench cum Bunds- 2752.11 Hectares
Water Absorption Trenches- 1022.94
Staggered Contour Trenches- 25.01
Field Bunds- 278.38
New Ponds (100'x100'x10')- 99 Nos.
Dova (60'x60'x10')- 48 Nos.
Earthen Check Dams- 27 Nos.
Loose Boulder Structures- 800.48 cum

As an outcome, JSP has conserved 12004.88 Lakh Liter of water.